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Monday, 7 October 2013

The Reviews Are In!

Reviews of productions showing at Dublin Theatre Festival have been pouring in and the response has been great!

We'll be posting a selection of them here over the next few days but of course keep your eyes peeled to read all the responses to the shows!

The festival has been going great so far and everyone in the office has been reporting back on the shows we've been seeing. From Germinal to The Critic, Wunderkammer to This is Not My Voice Speaking, I've to Mind Her to The Events; the shows are all so unique and it's been great to chat to the audience about what they thought of each show. No two people have the same experience of a show so hearing the different impressions has been really interesting.

Around the office it's been great to hear people gushing about a show they've just seen, or saw four or five days ago. People can't stop talking about what they're seeing and it just shows the impact the theatre can have. One member of the team, on the other hand, saw Wunderkammer on opening night eleven days ago and she's still talking about cast member Jarred Dewey...so we've put a lock down on that talk for now! 

One highlight this week was when we were lucky enough to have an office sighting of Beastie! He came and knocked on our window and it wasn't just the children participating who were totally thrilled...we communally wished we were kids again so we could all experience the full show in action.

One of the most moving moments of the festival so far for me was at Wednesday's performance of I've to Mind Her. The show itself was so impressive - not just for the acting by such a great cast, but more so for the way the theme was so well handled in Shaun Dunne's script. I'm not one for getting emotional in public but when it ended the message of the play was so strong that I had a tear in my eye. And once the cast had left the stage, we were led in a round of applause for actor Gerry McCann. It was a heartbreaking moment and the mix of sadness and deep respect that filled the room is something I'll never forget.

Here's to the next week as Dublin Theatre Festival 2013 continues.

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Heather Maher

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