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Friday, 11 October 2013


So, we've had a change of pace! Rather than posting each review individually, we're going to keep them all together here - just look for the title of the show you want to know about and click on through!

Happy reading.

A Feast of Bones

    “Sinister yet superbly silly” (Entertainment.ie) 

    “A fantastically realised show” (The Irish Times

  “[Transformed] from storytelling exercise into something more special...[Children] got lost in the action” (The Irish Times) 

The Critic
  “A celebratory salutation to the history of performance in Dublin” (Irish TheatreMagazine

“Played with zeal” (No More Workhorse

 (The Irish Times)

Desire Under the Elms
“Artful, austerely beautiful and appropriately severe” (The Irish Times)

★★★★★ “Fresh and new” (Irish TheatreMagazine) 
A “most powerful Corn Exchange production” (The Independent)  

“Filled with impressive performances” (No More Workhorse) 

Dusk Ahead
The simplicity of setting is matched by purity of concept” (The Irish Times

  an ever imaginative company” (Irish Theatre Magazine) 

“Perfection” (The Independent

The Events
“An attempt to embody the effects wreaked upon an entire community rather than individuals” (The Irish Times

  “The struggle to comprehend the things that are utterly incomprehensible” (IrishTheatre Magazine

  “Almost unfathomably good” (Entertainment.ie) 

   “A smart, witty and stylish production” (Irish Theatre Magazine)

“One of the highlights of the Dublin Theatre Festival” (No More Workhorse

Ground and Floor
Thought provoking, unsettling and determinedly enigmatic” (The Irish Times

“Intriguing” (The Independent

The Hanging Gardens
(The Irish Times) 
   “Powerfully written”  (Entertainment.ie)

I’ve to Mind Her
“An emotionally affecting portrait of the self-sacrifice of a teenage carer” (The Irish Times

   “An empathic experiment in narrative and artifice” (The Irish Times)

Maeve’s House
The Irish Times 

The Rape of Lucrece
   “Cracked with sorrow, bristling with quiet rage” (The Guardian) 
    “Camille O’Sullivan’s solo performance is a triumph” (The Times) 

  "Hypnotic" (The Irish Times)


★★★★★ “Alien, but Irish; serious, but profoundly funny; innocent, yet seductive” (Entertainment.ie)

  “A sentimental depiction of the big dreams of a small fry” (The Irish Times)

Three Fingers Below the Knee
The Irish Times 

The Threepenny Opera
Subtly and profoundly human” (The Irish Times

“A loud, brash and fun performance” (No MoreWorkhorse

This Is Not My Voice Speaking
“Clever, slickly choreographed and well executed” (The Irish Times)

Winners and Losers
“A dose of wry humour and a raw perspective (NoMore Workhorse

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