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Thursday, 12 September 2013

Wunderkammer, C!RCA

Lewie West, acrobat, brings us in to the Wunderkammer rehearsal room

 So here we are. Back in Brisbane after an incredible and rewarding month long season of performing Wunderkammer at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, where we earned in excess of 50 stars and two awards, sold out a raucous McEwan Hall to 985 people and performed 24 shows in 27 days. 

Our next task is to reform the show from its Edinburgh version of a 60 minute explosion back to its ideal form as a more complete world that keeps its powerful acrobatics, fresh performing and emotional arc all pulling and pushing against each other to give Dublin something its never experienced before.

Getting ready for Dublin are the intrepid acrobats and two support staff – the amazing Diane Stern in her double role as Tour Manager/Director and acrobat wrangler, (the second job being possibly the more difficult of the two, as trying to contain and keep track of wandering circus folk is often compared to herding cats); along with Mick Murray, who makes the stage beautiful, the acrobats safe and keeps the lights shining.

The seven acrobats are preparing ourselves and our props before we get on the long plane ride from Australia. Trapezes are being taped, stilettos are being polished, people are flying across the rehearsal room, muscles are being strained, noses are being stretched (it’ll make sense when you see the show) and memories of the last time we were in Dublin are being talked about.
Were remembering the beautiful stage, the good food and the tour to the Guinness factory. The consensus is that we can’t wait to get back to Ireland and show off the dark, sexy, surprising and arousing circus show that is Wunderkammer. We hope you’re looking forward to it too!

Lewie West, Acrobat 

Willie and the cast: Guys L-R: Jarred Dewey, Willie White, Lewis West, Scott Grove, Todd Kilby. Girls L-R: Melissa Knowles, Alice Muntz and Freyja Edney

Watch the video above for a taste of Wunderkammer
Have to see more? Five minute version here

Wunderkammer Awards: Herald Angel and Total Theatre

Check out all the stars in some great reviews: The Guardian, The Telegraph, The Scotsman, Edinburgh Reporter, Herald Scotland

For more information and to book tickets, click here
Wunderkammer runs Sept 25-29 in The Gaiety Theatre

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